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Fahrenheit and Celsius are units to measure the temperature. Fahrenheit is primarily used in US while Celsius is used in other parts of the world as their regular temperature measurement unit. Hence Fahrenheit to Celsius (°F to °C) convertor is very much required for people to do the conversion. And since the manual conversion is not very easy we have few websites providing a facility of doing an online conversion. You just need to enter a value in either the Fahrenheit or Celsius in the input fields and you get the result instantly!

We have sorted the best Fahrenheit to Celsius (°F to °C) and Celsius to Fahrenheit (°C to °F) conversion websites based on their Alexa rank.

Here are few details on Fahrenheit and Celsius about their formulas, measurements and more.


In Fahrenheit the freezing point of water is 32°F and the boiling point is 212°F.The scale is named after its originator Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686-1736).


In Celsius 0°C is the freezing point of water and 100°C is the boiling point of water.The scale is named after Swedish scientist Anders Celsius (1701-1744).

Fahrenheit to Celsius

1 °F = -17.222222222224 °C


The formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius is


Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion table

Fahrenheit (°F)

Celsius (°C)

-459.67 °F

-273.15 °C

-50 °F

-45.56 °C

-40 °F

-40.00 °C

-30 °F

-34.44 °C

-20 °F

-28.89 °C

-10 °F

-23.33 °C

0 °F

-17.78 °C

10 °F

-12.22 °C

20 °F

-6.67 °C

30 °F

-1.11 °C

40 °F

4.44 °C

50 °F

10.00 °C

60 °F

15.56 °C

70 °F

21.11 °C

80 °F

26.67 °C

90 °F

32.22 °C

100 °F

37.78 °C

110 °F

43.33 °C

120 °F

48.89 °C

130 °F

54.44 °C

140 °F

60.00 °C

150 °F

65.56 °C

160 °F

71.11 °C

170 °F

76.67 °C

180 °F

82.22 °C

190 °F

87.78 °C

200 °F

93.33 °C

300 °F

148.89 °C

400 °F

204.44 °C

500 °F

260.00 °C

600 °F

315.56 °C

700 °F

371.11 °C

800 °F

426.67 °C

900 °F

482.22 °C

1000 °F

537.78 °C


Celsius to Fahrenheit

1 °C = 33.800000000003 °F

The formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit is 



Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion table

Celsius (°C)

Fahrenheit (°F)

-50 °C

-58.0 °F

-40 °C

-40.0 °F

-30 °C

-22.0 °F

-20 °C

-4.0 °F

-10 °C

14.0 °F

-9 °C

15.8 °F

-8 °C

17.6 °F

-7 °C

19.4 °F

-6 °C

21.2 °F

-5 °C

23.0 °F

-4 °C

24.8 °F

-3 °C

26.6 °F

-2 °C

28.4 °F

-1 °C

30.2 °F

0 °C

32.0 °F

1 °C

33.8 °F

2 °C

35.6 °F

3 °C

37.4 °F

4 °C

39.2 °F

5 °C

41.0 °F

6 °C

42.8 °F

7 °C

44.6 °F

8 °C

46.4 °F

9 °C

48.2 °F

10 °C

50.0 °F

20 °C

68.0 °F

30 °C

86.0 °F

40 °C

104.0 °F

50 °C

122.0 °F

60 °C

140.0 °F

70 °C

158.0 °F

80 °C

176.0 °F

90 °C

194.0 °F

100 °C

212.0 °F

200 °C

392.0 °F

300 °C

572.0 °F

400 °C

752.0 °F

500 °C

932.0 °F

600 °C

1112.0 °F

700 °C

1292.0 °F

800 °C

1472.0 °F

900 °C

1652.0 °F

1000 °C

1832.0 °F

Screenshot of an official site of metric-conversions.org/temperature/celsius-to-fahrenheit.html
Metric-conversion.com is a great calculator websites for metric and imperial units including miles, inches, Kilometers, Meters, Feet etc.

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Rapidtables.com is an online website for quick reference information and tools such as calculators, converters etc.

Screenshot of an official site of mathsisfun.com/temperature-conversion.html
Mathsisfun.com is a great website if you need any extra help in subject of math in order to know how to do something.

Screenshot of an official site of quickanddirtytips.com/education/math/how-to-convert-between-fahrenheit-and-celsius
Quickanddirtytips.com is an amazing website helps you to do things better by creation and distributing digital content.

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Thecalculatorsite.com is a website for financial calculations, math calculators, unit conversions, health calculators and more.

Screenshot of an official site of convert-me.com/en/convert/temperature-inc
convert-me.com provides a free service in online conversion of weights and measures.

Screenshot of an official site of onlineconversion.com/temperature.html
OnlineConversion.com is a website that contains a wide range of interactive conversion utilities.

Screenshot of an official site of com/unit-conversion/celsius-fahrenheit-converter.html
Ncalculators.com help to perform the conversion and calculations of mortgage, loan, interest, investment, tax etc.

Screenshot of an official site of asknumbers.com/FahrenheitToCelsiusConversion.aspx
Asknumbers.com contains a wide variety of easy-to-use converters including conversion charts, tables and more.

Screenshot of an official site of fahrenheittocelsius.com
Fahrenheittocelsius.com help to convert fahrenheit to celsius and learn about the fahrehneit and celsius temprarature scales.
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Steret Alphanso
Fahrenheit and Celsius are two common temperature scales, most of the times its used for checking room temperature, weather and water temperature. But as we need some sites or tools for doing the conversion. This article is of a great help to find the best websites, thanks for sharing.
Shirine Diago
Wonderful work done by collecting all these best sites for doing all different types of conversion.
Suvin Nair
celsius-to-fahrenheit.com is also a great website for conversion,Enter a Celsius temperature to get the Fahrenheit value, or a Fahrenheit temperature to get the Celsius value.
Raj Oberroi
There may be times when it is necessary to take a Fahrenheit temperature and convert it to Celsius. To complete this by hand youd use the formula (F - 32) (5/9) = C ,The list provided is really good , thanks a lot for sharing.
Tia Tondon
You may please include the website manuelsweb.com
Rickson Masca
Cool list of websites, I liked them all. For me the best is Fahrenheittocelsius.com which is a dedicated website for making Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.
Rolly Mehta
Even though its easy and convenient to convert the degree of temperature using the online tools its also very important to know the formulae of conversion for example formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius is : C=(F-32)×59C=(F-32)×59 ,it can really help us when we dont have internet access or have access to such tools.
Orelius Pimenta
Indeed the best webpage to find the genuine collection of conversion websites.
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Now a days the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion sites or tools are very useful as we dont want to make any mistake by doing the calculation manually, I usually refer to the websites mentioned on this web page. Thanks for giving a short description with the homepage screenshot of these websites.
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Amazing work by providing this excellent list, really appreciate the effort and the time taken to make this article, thanks a lot for sharing.
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Great list of the best conversion sites, thanks for sharing its indeed very useful.
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You may also include the website allmeasures.com, its yet another great website for doing the conversion.
Neha Patel
Ive been using the temperature conversion tools since quite a long time and these sites listed looks very much promising. I like the site Onlineconversion.com, its easy and user friendly.
Brian Steros
In Fahrenheit thermometer scale the freezing point of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the boiling point is 212 °F. Its used primarily in US while Celsius scale is used by most of the other countries all around the world. I think Fahrenheit’s thermometer is also take on an alcohol-based thermometer at some places. Thanks for sharing such a great and useful information and the list of best sites for conversion.
Jia Mirza
Rightly said a Fahrenheit scale is a temperature scale that uses the degree Fahrenheit (symbol: °F) as the unit.As currently Fahrenheit was used as the official temperature scale only in the US, when we have to make the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion these tools are very helpful.
Clarissa Dabre
What an amazing piece of article, almost everything regarding Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature measurement is covered on a single web page.
Rodny AJ
For me Mathsisfun.com is the best websites for doing all the conversions and even calculation.
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A superb collection of websites, I was in a hunt of such website since long time.These sites are indeed good and trustworthy for Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa conversion, loved this post.
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I came to know about this fantasy article from one of my friend and its indeed amazing and would definitely love to refer the websitess content for most of the time. And since the sites are listed with their short description it have made easy to know the websites and before visiting them.
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Please consider to include the website calculateme.com in this list, this is also an amazing website.
Riana Jane
I have done the conversion from many different sites, but the most accurate one I have found is Rapidtables.com
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Its fantastic to get the best websites for Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion on a single page, our work have become much faster and easy now. Great list, excellent work, thanks again.
Dion Clara
Really superb article! Along with the list of best websites for Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion, you have also shared the formulas and the conversion table on the single page, its indeed very useful and important to have it very handy.
Rohan Tank
Now the conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius is so simple and easy, In early days we didnt have online tools for doing such calculation and hence it was really difficult at that time to make all the conversion and calculation. Now the conversion is just at a click of a mouse button.
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I liked the websites Metric-Conversions.com and Rapidtables.com from the list. These websites have a much better accuracy.
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Great list of websites to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa, I could really imagine the efforts taken to collect all the information of the websites and sort them as per their Alexa ranking which have made the listing genuine and trustworthy.
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Excellent article to get all the information related to Fahrenheit and Celsius and their conversion websites, thanks a lot or sharing.