GIF Stands for Graphics Interchange Format. A GIF is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. However, GIFs store image data using indexed color, meaning a standard GIF image can include a maximum of 256 colors. By default, animated GIFs display the sequence of images only once, stopping when the last image or frame is displayed GIFs are often used for bite-sized entertainment and as statements, replies or comments in online conversations.

Travel agents take care of every aspect of your trip, from your flights and hotel to ground transportation and excursions. They are extremely knowledgeable because they are travel experts and have access to special discount codes and promotions through suppliers. They provide personalized experiences as they know what you can expect ahead of time and can make special requests on your behalf. There are also many benefits to using a travel agent, from saving time and money to unlocking special perks.

Video hosting services are websites or software which allow users to distribute their video clips.Video sharing sites are very helpful to build brand awareness.On the Internet, you can find hundreds of free video sharing sites or live streaming video that allow users to use their platform to distribute video clips. YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming and sharing site but if you are looking for different video streaming sites, here’s a list of best alternatives to YouTube.

Fashion is one of the most commonly used word in discussion now a days. In a trendy world love for fashion never fades. People follow trending and popular products to show their passion on fashion to the world. There are many best fashion sites, but it totally depends upon the requirement. Whether you require western wear, or Indian wear, ethnic dresses or party wear.Here are a few websites which we believe are the most amazing fashion websites.

Antique is something made in an earlier period that is collected and considered to have value because it is beautiful, rare, old, or of high quality,and often defined as at least 100 years old.Antiques are usually objects that show some degree of craftsmanship, collectability, or a certain attention to design, such as a desk or an early automobile.They are bought at antique shops, estate sales, auction houses, online auctions, and other venues, or estate inherited.

Dance is normally a sequence of steps and movements that match with the rhythm of music. Dancing is considered to be one of the most powerful exercises having lot of benefits on your health and lifestyle. It is extremely beneficial to stay fit in size and shape, it also has mental benefits which helps in improving your confidence and self-esteem and feel good about yourself. There are many dance types like Salsa, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance, Tap Dance and so on.

WhatsApp Web is a desktop version of the famous WhatsApp app which provides you the capability to read and send messages directly from the web browsers to your friends and family for free and with more convenient and better experience. The messages you send and receive are fully synced between your phone and your computer, and you can see all the messages on both devices.

A general non-breed specific baby turtle is called a hatchling. When they are still in shell, a group of hatchlings is called a clutch. When they are born, a group of them are called a bale. A bale of hatchlings will grow into a bale of yearlings.

The AAFES is Army & Air Force Exchange Service also referred to as The Exchange. They work retail chains at U.S. army bases everywhere throughout the world.

While driving, you are expected to be very alert and watchful on the road signs. Traffic signs, including the YIELD sign, are meant to protect drivers and riders from road accidents.

The emu is the second-largest living bird in the world after ostrich, native to Australia. Emus belong to a group of flightless birds known as ratites whose ancestors lived at the same time as dinosaurs.

Eels are a type of fish that resemble a snake with a slim elongated smooth slippery body. Their body ranges in length from 5 centimeters to 4 meters and their weight ranges from 30 grams to over 25 kilograms in Adults.