Eel Slap

There are situations when you get very angry and to remove your anger you wish to slap somebody, but this is not at all advisable to slap anyone in real life, however in virtual world many things are possible and easily available. is an amazing website that let you slap a person with an eel. The website shows a guy, who is slapped on the cheek with an eel. You have to move the mouse cursor from right to left and you see a hand slapping his face with an eel. The site let you do this in slow motion and also could be revered.

Some Important facts about Eel


Eels are a type of fish that resemble a snake with a slim elongated smooth slippery body. Their body ranges in length from 5 centimeters to 4 meters and their weight ranges from 30 grams to over 25 kilograms in Adults. Mostly there could be grey eels or black eels but sometimes you may be lucky to see colorful ones too.

Eel blood is poisonous to humans but both cooking and the digestive process destroy the toxic protein. Moray eels are the most poisonous ones that can give a deadly bite, however researches have stated that moray eel bites can be managed successfully with emergency, local wound care and antibiotic coverage.