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Book is a storehouse of information that has great importance in People’s life. Reading books is a good habit, some of the benefits are it boosts your vocabulary and grammar and keep your brain polished which help to improve your memory. It also enhances you imagination power and help you to increases ability to focus and concentration. We have listed the top 10 best Books Sites that help you to get the best information and access tons of books that can be read online.

Screenshot of an official site of scribd.com
Scribd is an awesome site for readers which serves as a digital library for e-book, comic books and book recording membership service.

Screenshot of an official site of wattpad.com
Wattpad is the worlds biggest group for readers and authors where users post composed works, for example, stories,articles and poems.

Screenshot of an official site of google.com/
Google Books is an service by Google that searches the full content of books and magazines.

Screenshot of an official site of blurb.com
Blurb is an independent publishing platform and a book-production tools allows their users to create, promote, share, self-publish and offer for sell their own particular print and ebooks.

Screenshot of an official site of calibre-ebook.com
calibre.com is a free and open source digital book library administration application that allows users to manage digital book accumulations and in addition to create, alter, and read ebooks.

Screenshot of an official site of kobo.com
Kobo.com is one of the worlds biggest eBookstores and an open platform which supports the most well known formats and allows readers to purchase and read computerized content from an assortment of sources.

Screenshot of an official site of org
Openlibrary.org is an open library for free and simple access to lakhs of books which can be read on the web.

Screenshot of an official site of free-ebooks.net
Free-eBooks.net is a free hot spot for eBook assets, downloads and eBook writers.

Screenshot of an official site of freebookspot.es
FreeBookSpot is a free ebooks links library for all most of the classifications where you can discover and download free books.

Screenshot of an official site of smashwords.com
Smashwords is a worlds biggest digital book distribution platform that make it quick, free and simple for any writer or publisher to publish and distribute ebooks anyplace on the planet.
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Niki Maxus
Superb list of websites, thanks for sharing.
Joyson Carvhalo
Online books is a kind of revolution. One of the biggest benefit of eBooks is that they require no trees to create them. eBooks are more flexible than paper books. People having issues reading the typical book-sized font, eBook readers can enlarge the font size to make reading more pleasurable and easier as per their convenience.
Sam Lauren
Fantastic work in the article, thanks a lot for your help and effort to collect this information and display on a one roof.
Mike Leo
Ebooks have a great benefits and advantages in todays world. Now a days it is so simple to buy and download eBooks on the internet. The online learning platform is a popular method for the people who dont have time or who dont wish to sit in a traditional classroom for hours for education. This article shows some of the best books of La sites.
Pinky Arora
I believe the best book sites from this list is blurb.com which allows you to create your own eBooks, magazines and more.
Tiron Vaz
Amazing article and great efforts to collate all these best sites together. The ranking is based on alexa which is why I truly believe it as a genuine ranking.
Samina Nural
Ever wondered I could get so much good information online. Amazing list of best Book of la sites.
Yana Gupta
One of the best article I have seen that provides such a great list of sites for online books. It was really tiring to search for genuine sites to refer to get books information online, but now using this article its very simple and easy to get the best list of sites.
Dion Patel
I like Scribd.com and books.google.com, These are the best book sites for me. You get almost everything to read on these sites.
Simran Khan
Books are a necessity of todays world,let it be knowledge books or Novels or even informational books. Its really nice to have all the books available online on some of the best books websites listed on this page. Few of these websites are a great effort to make book content more discoverable on the Web, thanks for sharing.
Nisha Sharma
Its so wonderful to see such great list of sites and one place, the small information about the websites mentioned below each sites screenshot is also very helpful to understand and do a quick verification about the sites.
Nash Royston
Excellent work and great effort to make this list, very useful by providing the best book sites, Book of La and Book for all the different topics can be used. Some of the sites even let the users to post their composed works like tell your story or write an article and narrate poems which is really nice to show our talent and skills.
Ryner Uhol
What a wonderful article where all the best websites for Book of La are listed on a single page. The Alaxa rank and the short description is making the list look genuine and trustworthy to refer. I will surely recommend this great site to all my college friend to go this awesome list of books sites.
David Oza
Great list of websites to refer for reading books and gain knowledge. This is a one of the best site I have visited, Great work.
Mayur Panchal
Best site thanks for sharing