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Dance is normally a sequence of steps and movements that match with the rhythm of music. Dancing is considered to be one of the most powerful exercises having lot of benefits on your health and lifestyle. It is extremely beneficial to stay fit in size and shape, it also has mental benefits which helps in improving your confidence and self-esteem and feel good about yourself. There are many dance types like Salsa, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance, Tap Dance and so on. We have covered the Best Dance websites based on their Alexa ranking that mat help you to learn various popular dance types with the help of videos, articles and lesson.

Screenshot of an official site of dancemagazine.com
Dancemagazine.com is a great website and a hotspot for everything related to dance.

Screenshot of an official site of danceadvantage.net
Danceadvantage.net is a dance website where experts share their expertise with genuine artists and dance teachers.

Screenshot of an official site of ballroomdancers.com
Ballroomdancers.com is a website on Ballroom Dancing that provides a wonderful instructive lessons on Latin moves, hustle and swing.

Screenshot of an official site of learntodance.com
Learntodance.com demonstrates you lots of free video lessons on various popular dance types like Salsa,Latin,Ballroom,Tap Club dance and more.

Screenshot of an official site of rad.org.uk
Rad.org.uk is one of the largest dance organisations in the world with new teaching method and dance technique.

Screenshot of an official site of sydneydancecompany.com
Sydneydancecompany.com is a great dance organizations that have presented Australian art to the world.

Screenshot of an official site of dancemedia.com
Dancemedia.com let you share your best dance videos and vote for your favorites and furthermore watch behind the scenes videos.

Screenshot of an official site of danceplace.org
Danceplace.org is one of the great place to see Professional dance performance and get the training.

Screenshot of an official site of studioofdance.com
Studioofdance.com is a high quality dance websites that have brought and united studios and dancers together.

Screenshot of an official site of danceteacherweb.com
Danceteacherweb.com online dance resource with plenty of videos , lesson and articles to get trained on dancing.
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