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Email is a message that may comprise text, pictures, and files sent through a network to a specified individual or group of people anywhere in the world having internet connection. Emails are generally free and easily available which are delivered enormously fast compared to traditional post and are also environment friendly as it does not use paper. They are used for communication, business promotion and marketing and lot of other purposes. We have listed the best email sites based on their Alexa rank that will provide you with email marketing platform along with various other features.

Screenshot of an official site of mailchimp.com
Mailchimp.com is one of the greatest email marketing platform that provides a simple and fastest email designing campaigns.

Screenshot of an official site of zoho.com
Zoho Mail is a great mailing website that offers a suite of business and more that help you reach to lots of users.

Screenshot of an official site of mail.com
Mail.com is an online portal for emailing service that offers free web mail application with unlimited storage.

Screenshot of an official site of gmx.com
GMX Mail is an awesome website that offers mail service for personal and professional use from mobile phone to web browser.

Screenshot of an official site of sendgrid.com
Sendgrid.com provides cloud based mailing service that have various features such as email newsletters, friend requests and more.

Screenshot of an official site of gmail.com
Gmail.com is a free and widely used emailing service by Google that can be accessed via web and through the mobile apps.

Screenshot of an official site of inbox.com
Inbox.com is a great website that provides a high quality free email service to users .

Screenshot of an official site of fastmail.com
Fastmail.com is a email hosting website businesses , personal use and professionals that also provide a premium email account with no advertisement.

Screenshot of an official site of boxbe.com
Boxbe.com is a free emailing service that let users to choose which email they want to receive and which email should be moved to spam.

Screenshot of an official site of litmus.com
Litmus.com help you tracks your email campaigns and let you learn actionable email design skills and marketing tactics.
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