Top 10 Best Free Music Downloads Sites

Music is an art of a vocal or an instrumental sound organized by using rhythm and melody which is put together to express ideas and emotions that people like to get a sweet, entertaining and pleasing experience. Music have multiple benefits on people including lowering stress and anxiety ,developing the brain which helps to boosts memory, improves verbal and communication skills, improves sleep quality and most importantly music makes you happier. listening to music online is becoming more and more popular these days, you do not have to download the songs to listen, hence from the tons of music websites available on the internet we have sorted the best music websites based on their Alexa rank where you will be able to get free high quality music downloads in many different formats.

Screenshot of an official site of soundcloud.com
SoundCloud is one of the worlds biggest audio platform that lets you listen to music and share what you love.

Screenshot of an official site of discogs.com
Discogs.com has a great music database thats includes commercial , promotional releases and more.

Screenshot of an official site of last.fm
Last.fm is a music website that provides users with personalized suggestions as per their choice in music.

Screenshot of an official site of iheart.com
iHeartRadio is an internet radio platform to get plenty of music and tons of radio stations.

Screenshot of an official site of allmusic.com
Allmusic.com provides to information and reviews on new music and lets you listen to the most recent songs.

Screenshot of an official site of metrolyrics.com
Metrolyrics.com is a great website dedicated to lyrics that contains over tons songs performed.

Screenshot of an official site of saavn.com
Saavn.com is a music platform that offers free music search and let you create your playlist and listen to them.

Screenshot of an official site of jango.com
Jango.com allows users to create and share personalised radio stations that plays the best music by artists you love.

Screenshot of an official site of jamendo.com
Jamendo.com is a great website to find free music downloads & streaming from tons of artists.

Screenshot of an official site of soundclick.com
SoundClick.com is one of the best free artist music community where Songs can be streamed, downloaded in MP3 format.
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Ralphy Corea
Amazing list
Rythm Merc
This site is very simple and not complex like some of the other sites.User friendly, easy to navigate and crystal clear short description about every website that is listed on this webpage. Great job and thanks!
Ralston Tuscanho
Quick and easy way to find the best music websites at a glance,I am not so much of a great internet user hence very difecult to find good stuff on the internet,but this article has helped me a lot to get the best websites for getting free music download.
Claris Dabre
Nice list, very helpful.
Lira Pimenta
Many of the times it happens that you listen to great music and songs playing at your neighborhood or far of places which you truly love but are unable to recognize the artist of the song due to which when you want to hear the same song again you are unable to do so. This is the time when shazam.com comes and helps you, it Identify the media playing around you, explore the music you love. Discover song lyrics from your favorite artists.Shazam is one of the worlds most popular apps and website, used by hundreds of millions of people each month to instantly identify music thats playing and see what others are discovering.
Diljoy Musua
Radionomy.com is a great to Discover and listen to radio stations that you like, or produce your own and build your audience. It is a great place where people can create, program, produce and plan internet radio stations for free.
Mugdha Shivani
Great list of websites, thanks a ton for putting them all together under one roof and sharing with everyone.
Irfan malik
This page is breathtaking, how cool is that to get the top music websites on a single page. I went through all the sites listed on this page and most of them are easy to use, has a huge database of stations and a whole bunch of other features also. It is everything that you would look for in an online music site, easy to use interface, great music collection, playlists, sharing playlists and much more. Great site for streaming music and also you have control over your playlists.
Kedar Jadhav
iheart.com is an amazing website for music and a great radio station where you can always find right songs, it is a great way to discover new music that you might not hear on normal radio stations.
Sandip Khalifa
There is a very special place in my heart for Jango.com
Jacqline Faras
I have enjoyed the site Soundcloud.com for years. You can discover new bands and music hear that you might not find anywhere else, this website is the bomb for any musicians and a very easy to use music sharing site with user friendly interface and a good assortment of songs.
Sweety Mehta
One stop article to find all the best free music download sites, thanks a lot for this wonderful list of sites.
Gerald Homes
Love this website! I got a very smooth experience with all the sites listed on this webpage, I would recommend this article to everyone.
Rebeca Cute
Cool Sites list, great place to get find the best sites for your favorite music songs, thanks a lot for sharing such a great article.
Addy Johnson
Jamendo.com has a huge collection of music, live music and a lot more different type of collection, now I can listen and download songs of my favorites, nothin better than that. Definitely the best site to find new good music.
Alwin Anrades
For me Jango.com has been very useful for hearing all the different types of songs. I used to listen to Last.fm all the time but now I use mostly Jango.com to find the songs I really want to hear.
Breat Kaur
No doubt Soundcloud.com is the best, the list is fantastic, thanks!
Irfan Khalif
I have been using iheart.com for many years and It has become my main source of music for my and my family members. I also have the iheart app on my phone and use the cached content to listen to music while riding my motorcycle out on country roads. iheart is by far the best bargain in music.
Hardik Malik
If you like Progressive Rock particularly songs from 60s and 70s then emusic.com is for you.eMusic is a legitimate place to buy digital music online and a great way to discover new music.
Salman taut
Thats so nice to see that music has benefited by the growth technology such as great online websites available which share all different types of songs and a good internet speed which has made it easy to listen to the music online instead of taking an effort to download the songs, now people can hear what they want, when they want and where they want.
Stellon Ralis
Nice article to find the best free music download sites.
Blith Kumari
SoundCloud is really awesome. I enjoy to listen podcast on it while I work or while travelling.
Rosley Dillon
Soundcloud.com is the best way to get your music heard, its a great source of new club music for me that contains music of all kinds and genres.You take your favorite music with you whenever you go with a good internet connection.This is the best website which I would advice to all my friends.
Sandra Gonsal
Metrolyrics.com is the best music site for me, it is a song lyrics dedicated website, providing users with the largest database of licensed, complete and accurate song lyrics.
Barry Cohelo
iheart.com is a pretty good website, and one of the largest databases for music which I know,Best place on the Net to browse for hours about music.
Sneha Patil
My coworker told me about this website and I have found this really amazing, I was real happy to be able to listen to the music songs which I didnt get easily elsewhere.Cool sites for listening to any genre of music.
Riche Patel
Awesome webpage, thanks !
Herold Butler
Music is a big part of many peoples lives. People invest more time on the internet, online music sources have become increasingly popular, having plenty of advantages on peoples life and health too as per the latest studies in science. I really liked this webpage where all the best websites are listed as per their Alexa ranking and hence making the list more trustworthy.
Mena Kumari
Jango.com and Last.fm are my favorites, I love all the collection on these sites they have a huge selection to choose from, the music here make me happy and fly.
Joynor Contri
Great list of websites , I have downloaded all my music from here they have plenty of choices. If you ae a music lover you should not miss this article to see the best music sites all around the world.
Gina Fernandiz
I Love Jamendo.com, it helps me to get all new albums of my favorite singers.
Paston Corea
As per me the sites listed are the best and safest site to get a music, some of them also offer an offline media player I can listen to any track whether online or offline and Can easily update my playlist with the latest music, really wonderful list.
Oliver Ross
I must say that I am happy with the variety of music these websites are offering.I dont think there are better sites for music other than listed on this page.
Steven Kin
Nice list of websites , Love the music & variety of genres you have to choose from never ending music list of great music for all different occasions, from party music to intellectual music, thanks for sharing.
Frank Mendis
I Normally can find whichever song Im searching for and the audio quality is superb.Soundcloud.com has been the best selection for music on the go for me,my life has changed for the good,They really transformed how I listen to music and how I discover new artists.
Ocean Rods
I like Spotify.com, this is the best music streaming site I have come across,You can select the individual song that you want, and it will make recommendations from there. You can download any music you want to be played offline. It has all the features of other music streaming services, but the added feature of selecting individual songs, and saving them, puts it at the top of the list.. Audio quality is great and it syncs to all your devices, like my iPhone and computer at school.
Nike Valdo
The best music article I have ever seen on the web.
Synora Dmello
Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time.Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, podcasts, talk, and audiobooks. Music can be divided into genres like country music and genres can be further divided into subgenres.
Tiron Yaan
Music is life, Great article.
Riya Sharma
Excellent list of best sites brought all on a single page, thanks a lot.
Lovina Carwhalo
SoundCloud.com is the best! It is a music and podcast streaming platform that lets you listen to millions of songs from around the world.SoundCloud is where you can find the next big artists alongside chart-topping albums, live sets.
Clive Disa
saavn.com is the best of all, Saavn is unlimited, free access to all your music and audio content: Bollywood, English, Hindi, and Indian regional songs, music, radio stations, and exclusive audio programming.No need to download, create your playlist & listen to old, new, latest Bollywood music anywhere, anytime!
Manish Pillai
You may also include the website mp3int.com
Tony Seaz
This article is great not only in getting some free music downloads but also helps to find out the best places to listen to free music online. I know searching on internet to find the best digital music services is not easy for some non-techie internet users, this webpage has done a great work of displaying all the best free music downloads sites at one place.
Chen Fen
I like Metrolyrics.com, it is a searchable lyrics database featuring 1000000+ song lyrics from 20000 artists.
Meena Singh
listening to music online is becoming more and more popular these days and people dont really have to download music as now we all have great speed internet. So I truly believe downloading music is just waste of time and your mobile phone resources by utilizing huge space on the device.
Brian Mac
Fantastic list, thank !
Great article.
Marina Dsouza
The list is so amazing, I am able to find all the types of music I want on these sites, thanks a ton for sharing, even though I use only few sites for this list I believe all the websites are handpicked and listed here, nice article.
Rudos Bar
Please also include jamendo.com in the list.
Avlinho Coelho
For me Saavn.com is the best for online music, it has a huge category of songs and segregated in different channels.
Sunny Ivan
Thanks for sharing these sites along with their homepage screenshot and a short description, its really useful to know the site before visiting them.
Rocky Henns
Soundcloud.com is the best of all the list. I really liked the songs available on the website.
Rhea Lisdon
Superb list of sites on this article, now a days its not easy to find a genuine website for making a music download for free, we always have a fear of downloading viruses or Trojans, however as for as I have visited the sites almost all the sites are very much clean and clear for making the music download. Thanks for the wonderful work.
Micheal Dias
Ive been searching for such article since a long time where I can get the list of best music sites which I can blindly trust and download music, finally I found this site, great work.
Ricky Maria
Such a wide range of free music download sites and all the sites are genuine and trustworthy as they are ranked as per Alexa ranking.
Ralph Pinto
Incredible list of best websites for free music downloads, thanks a lot for sharing.
Chris Chen
Thanks for sharing ! there is another Mp3 download website name http://freemusicdownloads.worldThis can also convert and Download Mp3 from YoutTube videos. Whatever video you search on YouTube and want to download the Mp3 just type the same Search Query e.g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKLVpDTZOPQ search Query This is the much faster way for Mp3 Downloads.?
Michelleno Dcunhaza
Really good list, I have been searching for the best and reliable sites since long, finally I found it here. It is an online time now, we really do not have to download songs and exhaust our phone disk spaces. Just grab a great website, type in the song and play.....thats it. Most of the sites you have mentioned are useful worth checking.
Meetali Pats
Always been visiting this website for any sort of information or content on music...top websites are displays here