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People have many questions in their mind on various topics, some get answered by their friends and relatives while some by search engines but some questions are precise to a very specific topic and it requires a detailed level of understanding and expertise. Here is when the question answering sites come in use. The question answering sites is a dedicated platform where users can post their questions , problems or issues on various topics and get them answered from people all around the world who are willing to help you. You may then reviews and analyze the best and the most appropriate answer for your question. There are tons of question answering sites on the Internet, so to save your time in search for these sites we have covered the list of best question and answer website based on their Alexa ranking.

Screenshot of an official site of quora.com
Quora is a place where you can ask questions of any type and get the best answers by anybody around the globe.

Screenshot of an official site of ask.com
Ask.com is an service which encourages answers for the questions asked with a search motor field on it.

Screenshot of an official site of superuser.com
Superuser.com is a computer focused question and answer site which takes very few minutes to participate.

Screenshot of an official site of girlsaskguys.com
GirlsAskGuys is a site to discuss lifestyle issues and share their experiences on subjects like fashion, relationships, connections, dating and well being.

Screenshot of an official site of metafilter.com
MetaFilter is a famous question and answer site including connections to content that clients have found on the web.

Screenshot of an official site of justanswer.com
Justanswer.com is an online master question and answer site connecting a large number of individuals around the world.

Screenshot of an official site of straightdope.com
Straightdope.com is an online question-and-answer website that connects to lot of individuals in the world.

Screenshot of an official site of avvo.com
Avvo.com provides free legal advice and helps to find the right and experienced lawyer for 15 minutes over the phone to get their legal questions answered.

Screenshot of an official site of wisegeek.org
Wisegeek.org let you get very clean and clears answers for common questions covering many different categories.

Screenshot of an official site of allexperts.com
Allexperts.com is one of the largest free questions and answers service on the Internet having an expert team to answer your questions.
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